A fresh Mozzarella, very fresh indeed, in every corner of the planet. We are proud to deliver one of the few food products that can grant both health and taste to the tables throughout the world, without having to choose between a healthy but tasteless product and tasty but unhealthy product.

Thanks to TQF (Total Quick Frozen) technique, a variant of the traditional IQF, it is possible to freeze the product using a minimal amount of preserving liquid, so that the product can be maintained in its natural habitat and can regain its freshness and its distinctive porcelain white colour, once defrosted.

Lactose Free Buffalo Mozzarella is also available, ideal for people suffering from lactose intolerance or simply desiring to eat a lighter and more digestible product.
With a lactose content lower than 0,01%, Lactose Free Buffalo Mozzarella can satisfy even the most demanding palates with a delicate and sweet taste.

Beside the Buffalo Mozzarella, our company produces and distributes a wide array of delicious and special buffalo milk-based products, which can also be marketed abroad